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Preserved Pears

While this is not a seasonal recipe, it sounds like it would be delicious. For to make wardens in Conserue. Fyrste make the syrope in this wyse, take a quarte of good romney and putte a pynte of claryfyed honey, … Continue reading

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Don’t frack with mein Bier / mon fromage!!!

What would we need to say here? Hmmm…can’t actually think of anything.

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More on Rowan Wine

Today I continue with Rowan Wine. In Estonia they make what appears to be a fortified Rowan wine, and Rowan schnaps are quite popular, as in the River Cottage recipe. Oddly, the only recipe for Rowan Wine that I have … Continue reading

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Rowan Berry Wine

It occurs to me that I should include a post on Rowan Berry Wine. Like most fruit wines, today Rowan Berry Wine is made with a base of grape juice, flavored with the berries. Back in 2011 River Cottage forager … Continue reading

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Simple Meals

I was talking with a friend the other day about favorite simple meals and we landed on the old standby, beans. Beans are among the oldest cultivated human foods, the recipe I am going to give you is for an … Continue reading

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Rose wine

This lovely rose wine was a Mother’s Day treat. Rose is a perfect summer wine, especially the dry French versions. It pairs nicely with many light summer foods, it’s refreshingly cool, and it isn’t too expensive. Perfect.

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Dear Superprofessors: This is how a labor market works…

Originally posted on More or Less Bunk:
I know I’m late to the party on this, but that letter to Harvard’s Michael Sandel from the San Jose State (SJSU) Philosophy Department really is quite wonderful. I’m going to try to…

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