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What is an ice cream parlor?

How do you define an ice cream parlor? Check out this recent National Geographic “Top Ten Places to Eat Ice Cream.” This post on Restaurant-ing Through History has some good information about the history of ice cream parlors in the … Continue reading

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Cafeterias Alive and Well

Since I have been researching cafeterias recently, I have discovered a reason to visit Indiana. Cafeterias, from the gigantic to the microscale, are alive and well there. Cafeterias have a surprising history. They pioneered new business models like the franchise, … Continue reading

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Time to Eat the Dogs

I have been reading an unusual book about an unusual cuisine, Hoosh, by Jason Anthony. The book is about the cuisine of the Antarctic, a continent populated by seals, birds, explorers, scientists, and support staff of many kinds. Anthony’s story … Continue reading

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A wonderful new find

I was checking in with the Old Foodie, my favorite food history blog, when I found this beauty on her blog list. The Art and Mystery of Food is stunning! Haggis from all over Scotland, an unbelievably lovely photo essay … Continue reading

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