Rowan Berry Wine

It occurs to me that I should include a post on Rowan Berry Wine. Like most fruit wines, today Rowan Berry Wine is made with a base of grape juice, flavored with the berries. Back in 2011 River Cottage forager John Wright included a recipe in his series on Homebrew from the Hedgerow drinks in the Guardian. He included this nice picture of the wine and berries…Rowanberry-wine-007

The berries of the mountain ash have long been used to flavor beer and wine. This recipe is for a Rowan wine without the grape base, probably an older version.

Sorbus aucuparia, the European Mountain Ash, or Rowan, is not the only member of the genus that has good fruit for wine making. The Sorbus americana, can be transformed into Rowan wine the same way.

Another modern version of Rowan Berry Wine calls for the addition of apples. This makes sense given that apples are the traditional accompaniment in Rowan Berry Jelly.

Rowan Ale was apparently once popular in Wales, and may have been brewed in Ireland more recently under the name “Red Biddy.” Historic brewing has the only detailed modern recipe I’ve seen in this thread from some years back…

I do not have easy access to Rowan trees in my hot, dry climate. Has anyone made or drunk Rowan Ale or Wine?


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I am a historian. I teach at a large Southern California University. I love to cook and garden and I have recently taken up sewing.
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2 Responses to Rowan Berry Wine

  1. Yes I have made Rowan Berry Wine several Times and have just collected 4 lb’s of Rowand Berries for my next batch and they are in the freezer. It is a great wine to accompany an Indian Curry

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